Challenging work of the board of directors
and its committees.

Internal Audit

A company should use an internal audit function to check any process or aspect of their business. An internal audit function helps you to achieve your objectives reliably and with integrity, even in an environment of uncertainty. We support you to recognize, manage and mitigate risks. Our role as independent specialists is to help make sure that internal audit meets these objectives and its strategic objectives.

Our Services

  • outsourcing: acceptance of the internal audit function in your company
  • co-sourcing: assistance of your team of internal auditors
  • quality assurance review: assessment of the quality and effectiveness of your internal audit function
  • internal audit advisory: we help you to set up or optimise your existing internal audit function
  • risk assessment: assistance in developing an objective and efficient risk assessment

General Functions

  • operational audits
  • compliance and corporate governance audits
  • financial audits
  • forensic services
  • fraud prevention
  • audit of the Internal Control System (ICS)
  • performing reviews of the internal audit function based on IIA standards based on key professional principles, e.g. International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)
  • audits according to the COSO-Framework
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