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Data Protection & Privacy Policy for Website Visitors

1. Preamble

The companies CONFIDA Auditing Company Limited, Kirchstrasse 3, LI-9490 Vaduz and Real Treuhand- und Revisions-Aktiengesellschaft, Sarganserstrasse 48, CH-8887 Mels, (hereinafter "Companies") process information and personal data that refer to you (hereinafter "Data Subject"). Basically, such information is processed by the Companies in the context of existing or intended business relations, including the use of websites. The Companies seek the best possible protection of your personal data.

Controller within the meaning of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (hereinafter "GDPR") is CONFIDA Auditing Company Limited, Kirchstrasse 3, LI-9490 Vaduz. The Companies have appointed a joint Data Protection Officer (see item 8).

This Data Protection Policy (hereinafter "Policy") applies to the Companies. It describes the processing of personal data in connection with the provision of services by the Companies and their websites. The basis of this Policy is the GDPR, the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the relevant special statutory provisions.

The Companies reserve the right to adjust the Policy if necessary. In case of adjustments you should check if you agree to them.

2. Personal Data

Personal data is any information by which a natural person can be directly or indirectly identified. This includes, for example, name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, age, gender and tax identification number. Sensitive data (a specially protected kind of data), such as health data or data related to criminal proceedings, is also included.

The Companies collect, process and use your personal data exclusively in accordance with the requirements of Art 5 and Art 6 GDPR (performance of a contract, legal obligation, vital interest or consent of the data subject).

Only that personal data is collected which is necessary for the performance and processing of our services or which is voluntarily provided by you.

3. Use of Personal Data

The companies are subject to occupational confidentiality and secrecy requirements, which can be derived from data protection law, contract law or occupational secrecy regulations. When processing personal data, the Companies are bound by these requirements. Personal data is processed (i) for the performance of a contract, (ii) for compliance with our legal or regulatory duties, (iii) for the pursuit of our legitimate interests and (iv) for observing public-interest requirements (such as the prevention or detection of criminal offenses).

The Companies apply cookies to obtain information on how their websites are used. Cookies are small files stored on your computer that serve to store page information. Therefore, certain information doesn't need to be re-entered when visiting the websites again. You can prevent the application of cookies by adjusting your browser software and delete any cookies already set by a website of the Companies. By not taking these measures, you agree to the application of cookies when using the websites of the Companies.

On using the websites of the Companies, access data (e.g., log files, IP address, date and time of access, name of the accessed file, access status, top-level domain, web browser used, operating system used) are stored. The Companies use this data for statistical purposes and for technical evaluations, for the optimization of the server infrastructure, for the calculation of access frequencies and finally for drawing conclusions on how to improve usability and functions.

Google Analytics, a service by Google LLC ("Google"), 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, may be used to analyze the data of the websites. The cookies, applied by Google Analytics for the analysis, do not contain personally identifiable information. Your IP address is truncated directly on your computer. Your IP address is transmitted to Google Analytics in this anonymous form. Google Analytics will therefore not be able to associate your IP address with other information held by Google Analytics. Data are only transmitted to third parties, if this is provided for by law.

You may object to the future application of cookies by Google Analytics at any time via the following opt-out link:

Opt-out Google Analytics:

In case of objecting to the application of cookies by Google Analytics, it is possible that you will not be able to fully use all functions of the websites. By waiving the objection (opt-out), you declare your consent to the processing of your data by Google Analytics in the manner described and for the purposes stated above.

If the collection and processing of personal data is necessary when using the websites of the Companies, such data is used for the purposes of authentication, the performance of pre-contractual clarifications, identifications and compliance checks and stored on a data carrier in Liechtenstein. Furthermore, data you enter in text or search fields on the websites of the Companies is processed and saved. This data is used only according to the purpose specified.

The websites of the Companies may be linked to the websites of other operators or to contents on the websites of other operators. The Companies have no influence on the websites of other operators (hereinafter "Third Party Websites") and therefore cannot assume responsibility or liability neither for the accuracy, completeness, up-to-dateness or legality of the content of Third Party Websites nor their data processing practices. Therefore, please also note the data protection policies of the respective Third Party Websites.

Data transmission on the Internet may be vulnerable. Therefore, absolute data protection (for example, against access by third parties) cannot be guaranteed.

4. Transmission of Personal Data to Third Parties

Personal data collected as part of the business activities of the Companies is generally not disclosed to third parties.

In order to fulfill business assignments, it is however possible that your personal data is forwarded to third parties due to processing requirements or statutory provisions. Your personal data is forwarded according to the provisions of the GDPR.

Furthermore, we inform you that the Companies, as part of their business activities and in order to fulfill statutory due diligence requirements, may obtain information about you from third parties.

The Companies transmit your personal data only to countries to which the EU Commission attests an appropriate level of data protection. If the Companies submit your personal data to countries that do not have a reasonable, attested level of data protection, the Companies take steps to ensure that your personal data is protected by concluding an agreement with the recipients in those states on the basis of standard contractual clauses (2010/87 / EC [2]). and / or 2004/915 / EC [3]).

5. Protection of Personal Data

The Companies take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect any personal data from loss, unauthorized access or misuse, both in terms of data processing and data storage and in relation to their internet presence.

Notwithstanding the data protection measures taken, you must be aware that data transmission on the Internet - this is true both for websites and e-mail services - involves uncontrolled and cross-border transmission. Even if the sender and the recipient are in the same country, cross-border data transmission may be involved. Therefore, the Companies cannot guarantee the confidentiality of data transmitted on the internet. When you disclose personal information on the internet, you must be aware that third parties may access, read, modify, falsify, monitor, destroy or misuse this information. Data transmission may also be delayed. Moreover, data may be lost during transmission. Furthermore, third parties may draw conclusions about existing business relationships. Therefore, the Companies cannot take responsibility for the security of your data while it is being transmitted on the internet and disclaim all liability for direct and indirect damage. For data protection and security reasons, you are advised to contact the Companies through other or secure means of communication.

6. Personal Data Storage

The Companies' systems required for data processing are located in Liechtenstein. The data transmitted by you will be kept for at least six months and stored for as long as it is operationally necessary or required by law.

7. Your Rights

Right to Information

You have the right to request information about your personal data that is stored by the Companies. A request for information, together with proof of identity, must be sent in writing to the Data Protection Officer (see item 8).

Upon receipt of your request for information, you will be informed within the statutory period of 30 days. The information may be refused, restricted or postponed to the extent required by law or due to the prevailing interest of a third party or the company the request is addressed to.

The request for information may be combined with a request for rectification or erasure of data.

Right to Rectification or Erasure

You have the right to request, in writing and free of charge, the rectification or erasure of your personal data, insofar as these are incorrect or stored or processed without good reason. A reasoned request for rectification or erasure must be sent to the Data Protection Officer (see item 8), accompanied by a proof of identity.

Your request for rectification or erasure will be processed upon receipt within a reasonable time. Thereafter, the completion of your request for rectification or erasure will be confirmed to you.

Erasure may be prevented by legal regulations. In such a case, the Companies will process your personal data only to the extent necessary to comply with the statutory requirements.

Right of Objection or Cancellation

You have the right to object in writing, in whole or in part, to the processing of your personal data or to cancel your consent to the processing of such data. The objection or cancellation must be addressed in writing to the Data Protection Officer (see item 8).

The receipt of your objection or cancellation will be confirmed to you and thereafter the concerned data will be deleted.

To comply with an objection or cancellation may be contrary to statutory regulations. In such a case, the Companies will process your personal data only to the extent necessary to comply with the statutory requirements.

Right to Restriction

You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data with regard to the transmission of such data to third parties. An application for restriction must be sent in writing to the Data Protection Officer (see item 8) accompanied by proof of identity.

The receipt of your application for restriction will be confirmed and your application will be completed within a reasonable time.

Such restriction may conflict with legal regulations. In such a case, the Companies will only transmit your personal data to third parties to the extent necessary to comply with the statutory requirements.

Right of Complaint

You have the right to file a complaint with the competent Liechtenstein supervisory authority. You may also contact another supervisory authority of an EU or EEA Member State, for example at your place of residence or work or at the place of the alleged infringement.

The contact details of the Data Protection Authority in Liechtenstein are as follows:

Liechtenstein Data Protection Authority
Kirchstrasse 8
P.O. Box 684
LI-9490 Vaduz
+423 236 60 90

8. Contact

For questions about data protection and data processing, please contact the Data Protection Officer of the Companies in writing. You can contact our Data Protection Officer as follows:

CONFIDA Auditing Limited
Data Protection Officer
Kirchstrasse 3
LI-9490 Vaduz
+423 235 89 90

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